Painting class was a joy and a refuge ...
By Lida Strong

I feel strongly about recommending Santa Cruz Studio School for children of any age.

Our two sons attended painting class with Celeste, both beginning in pre-school, and both concluding in their senior year in high school.  It was their choice to maintain this commitment.  For both kids, painting class was a creative and socially rich experience. During the time they both painted with Celeste, they developed a fluency in creative expression, discovered and explored their own personal symbols, and, simultaneously, received a deep foundation in the technical skills of drawing and painting. Painting class was a joy and a refuge for each child, a place where they felt cared for and known.

In addition to gently guiding personal individual expression through painting, Celeste facilitates a meaningful group experience in the multi age class, where each child is treated with respect, and children and teenagers learn from each other. I noticed the group experience contributed to increased confidence for each of our kids socially. As a child professional myself, I can honestly say Celeste Baross is extremely gifted in her ability to work with all developmental stages of childhood and adolescence. An accomplished artist herself, she also brings a depth and first hand knowledge of painting to her art instruction. I believe she is currently the best art teacher in Santa Cruz County.

Both our sons, now in their 20s, are highly creative, and have integrated expressiveness into their lives. Their love of art informs their lives. I believe their experience painting with Celeste contributed heavily to this.

Lida Strong LCSW
Child and Adult Psychotherapist

Students Benefit Immeasurably
By Robin McFarland

"My daughter has been taking art classes at Santa Cruz Studio School for several years. The classes provide the opportunity to develop in-depth artistic knowledge and skills.  Students benefit immeasurably from this nurturing outlet for artistic creativity! It is rewarding to watch their progress as they develop their talents and skills. "

Santa Cruz Studio School A+++ ‎
By Joel

Celeste has worked with our 2 kids for quite a few years now, and I truly believe she is running the finest children's art school in Santa Cruz County. It's not surprising that she's had many students "graduate" from Santa Cruz Studio School at the high school level, having started with her in the K-5 age range. She has been teaching art for a very long time, has proven teaching methods, and runs a classroom that is well organized, relaxed (ie-fun) and she's an incredibly loving & thoughtful individual. End of story. Thanks, Celeste!‎

The Best Art School for Children in Santa Cruz
By John

Dear Parents, You will not find a better school for Children's Art in the area. We have had our three in the painting classes for many years and all three have thrived on the experiences. Celeste is a fabulous, fun teacher and the kids think she is way cool. They are free to produce their best work in studio painting (with the occasional outdoor excursion) in the company of other young artists. The social aspect is very enjoyable to the students and the guiding hand of the instructor brings out the best in the kids. I recommend the program very highly.‎